About us

Our activity officially begins in 2014 (being the 3rd generation in a family of tradition in the rearing of animals and processing of meat) with our first butcher shop in Gavrio, Andros.
Driven by our passion and responsibility towards the consumer, in 2019 we created the first charcuterie on the island. Our unit complies with all hygiene and food safety standards with modern technological equipment.
From the Tridimas family farm, we are supplied with exquisite, quality and above all locally produced meats that arrive on your plate always fresh and with all their nutrients. We take care of every stage of production, so you know what reaches your table.
In our shop you will find a variety of products which are made in our modern premises with love and passion for the best result and the tastiest result. Our products are handmade, prepared with pure and fresh ingredients from Andros without the use of preservatives and additives.
Our popular delicacies are the Andros traditional sausages – which are prepared based on a family recipe handed down from grandfather to grandfather, the louza – a well-known Cycladic delicatessen cured meat, which is available smoked and naturally air cured, our mutton and pork salami, prosciutto and finally the Andros tziladia – a pork jelly aspic.
Our goal is to preserve the traditional flavours but also to search for new ones in order to offer quality cured meat products throughout Greece and abroad. While striving to ensure maximum quality and unique taste.

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